Our Story

The CBD Corp. is a UK-based company providing all-natural, full-spectrum, and non- GMO CBD oil. Our goal is to deliver a high-end product that is safe, legal, and organically grown for those who, like us, believe in the power of CBD to live a better quality of life.

We source, distribute, and produce various products from the cannabis plant (hemp), and what makes us different from your average CBD manufacturer is that our products are full-spectrum, and as environment-friendly as possible.

We’re not only dedicated to producing a full-spectrum product that is affordable, good for the environment, and accessible to people of various ages, genders, and conditions, but also providing a website that is informative and educational (read our FAQ page for more useful information).

At The CBD Corp. we have products with various ingestion methods, making it easy- to-use for everyone. You can find our product in the form of syringes that can be used in your favorite smoothies, juices and even food recipes making an amazing new way to take CBD, dropper bottles, capsules, as well as a mixture of CBD and various flavour e-liquids that can be used with vape pens.

We’re also always looking to expand and improve our recipes. Members of the team constantly on-the-move traveling to new and exciting locations to test and find the highest quality material to use in our products. If you would like us to source a specific kind of product, give us a shout – we’d be happy to hear from you. Additionally, we offer a direct phone line for users who have questions or queries about our product, or anything surrounding the industry, our methods, and company.

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