Our ECO Mission

At the CBD corporation we firmly believe in preserving our environment and we have taken that belief and applied it to the core of our company. Apart from delivering goods that are sustainably produced, we have also made it our mission to deliver our high quality products in packaging that truly shows we care about mother nature and want to preserve its glory for many years to come.

To stay true to our nature and as close to our eco-mission as possible, all our product boxes are 100% made from certified hemp and we use a minimal amount of vegan-friendly glue.
Our vape bottle and hemp flower bags are both made from recycled card and paper materials that can both be recycled or used as compost. Instead of using polystyrene protection for our packages which has been proven to be a leading cause in suffocation in both children and animals , we have opted for using packing peanuts that are a composite of wheat gluten which break down in water in mere seconds, avoiding disastrous consequences for both human and animal life, as well as being a safe solution for the pollution of rivers, lakes and oceans. These packaging peanuts can also be use as compost safely.

Our aim is to minimise the use of paper and human waste effective, so we use digital receipts that are sent to our customers' email address once purchase has been completed.
All our bottle labels and stickers have been hand made using hemp paper and recycled card.
We do however use glass bottles to deliver our premium CBD oils. Many companies opt for the classic plastic bottles, but we decided to use glass as it is easier to recycle and has less of an environmental influence.

Our physical discount offer cards are also hand made in the UK made with paper blended with seeds. As we all know, leaflets and handouts are thrown often thrown away, littering the streets. By using our unique seed-blended pamphlets and offer cards, not only can the customer use it to their advantage to purchase our products at a discounted rate, but we also encourage them to bury the leaflet and to let the seeds work their magic. The seeds are not invasive and are great for creating both plants and fauna that will undoubtedly help the ecosystem leap a step forward in the direction of change.

Even though this is our current eco-mission, our team is working non-stop to find solutions that will lead to the creation of more ecologically friendly packaging in order to stick to our most sacred belief, the preservation of nature.

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